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You are about to learn some secret marketing strategies most online entrepreneurs and business owners will never tell you!

You are being kept in the dark.


Because if everyone new about this, their sales would drop.

Tip No. 1 Make sure what you are buying solves the whole problem!

This is the number 1 secret most online marketers don’t want you to know about.

They never provide the full package!

Imagine buying a franchise where key components of the business operations were missing, you wouldn’t be happy, would you? Sure you may have to pay for advertising, but a franchisor still provides the structure in which to advertise and the process to follow.

Most digital marketers sell only a small piece to the puzzle and leave you to fumble around trying to find the rest of the puzzle. Even the “Done for You” services are in reality, far from done for you.

They do it this on purpose as a way to upsell you more products later.

Make sure you know exactly what you are buying before handing over any hard earned cash.

Tip No. 2… Beware the hype!

Do not get sucked into the hype and slick marketing.

Be wary of…

  • Limited time offers – I have bought products a week after the daily special at the same price. Take time to evaluate if the product is what it says it is.
  • Limited places available – what a load of rubbish, I have seen way more people open their wallets than places available and no one was ever knocked back.
  • You are getting a bargain – For example, the product cost us $26,000 to create and today only you can get it for just $997. Have you ever seen a car company tell you the car cost them 1 million dollars to design and you can buy it for just $22,000? Everyone knows the product will be sold in quantity and therefore the product creation cost is never mentioned.
  • Ignore the hype – Leave your emotions at the door and never get caught up in the moment or the professionalism of the sale.
  • Sales letters – The more they promise, the less you should believe. If they have to go to such great lengths to make a sale, then there is something fishy.
  • Make fast money – Plain and simple, don’t believe it. Sure, some people do, but they are few and far between.

Tip No. 3… Make sure there is a market for your product!

Carry out thorough research to see if all your hard work creating a product actually has people wanting to buy.

Tip No. 4… Beware the outsourcing pitfalls!

There are a lot of great freelancers out there and a lot you will lose money and time on.

  • Make sure you have a complete scope of works before engaging and freelancers
  • Ensure the freelancer repeats back to you what is required
  • Carry out reference checks
  • Ask for work examples
  • Set mile stones and check work completed
  • Treat them well if the work quality is high and if you want to build a long term working relationship

Do these things and you are on your way to building an important part of your online business.

Tip No. 5… Be organised!

Being organised will certainly result in a smoother faster end result

I hope these tips help you on your online journey.

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