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The Ultimate Goal

Working online and earning money from home is for many the ultimate goal.

That’s not quite true, the real goal is maybe taking a holiday, helping the family out or just having enough to live on comfortably without having to continually go to work.

When we go to the hardware to buy a drill bit, we don’t want a drill bit, we want a hole and the drill bit is just the tool to give us that. Same goes with an online business, most people don’t really want an online business, they want what an online business can provide them.

That being said, you are probably chasing the dream of setting up a profitable business that runs without you and generates income while you sleep or while sitting on a beach in some exotic location around the world sipping margaritas.

Creating money online is a great vehicle for doing just that.

The point of this blog and the reason it is the first blog in the series is that it is the most important.

Unless we figure out upfront the reason why we want to build an online business, our deep down goal when times get tough can be the motivational difference between success and giving up.

When setting goal’s, we are motivated by moving towards something such as planning a holiday or moving away from something such as getting out of debt. Either way, pleasure and pain are both powerful tools in helping you to achieve your goals.

My personal goal of getting my family out of debt was my primary motivation to keep going when times were the toughest. I used the pain of a life in struggle as my key motivator.

What’s your Dream?

You don’t have to go crazy and list 100 goals, just do 10 and make them your life’s focus. You can always expand on them later.

Make a detailed goals list, read it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and use this as you reason to get this done.

Keeping yourself accountable to your goals can be difficult and your personal goals are often something you don’t want to share with your close friends or family, so send them to me as your accountability coach if you like for regular checks on your progress.

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